5G application
Main Products:
High frequency and speed lamination for manufacturing functional film
New energy application
Main Products:
Battery Core Film
Photovoltaic power generation safety protection film
Automotive application
Main Products:
Automotive interior central control, 4.Automotive interior: Glass High Transparency Protective Film
Car exterior protection, Automotive exterior: Mirror protective film
Integrated circuit application
Main Products:
Lamination/Pressing Manufacturing Solutions
Specialized high-performance release films, Polymethylpentene Film (PMP)
Processing protection for high-level precision rigid and flexible boards
Chip application
Main Products:
Protective and carried film
Chip Process Protection Solution
Mobile application
Main Products:
Excellent protective film solutions for external screen
High quality and reliable materials for the internal screen
Precision machining protection
Main Products:
Ultra-high precision film processing and cutting

About us

We only focus onR&D and production of thin film products

In 2006, we established Shenzhen Film Technology Co., Ltd. and in 2012, due to the expansion of production scale, we moved to Huizhou and renamed as Huizhou Best Film Company Limited.

The company is committed to provide professional protection, processing and a series of functional film materials for the following 8 major industries, including 5G new material protection and processing, automotive industry internal and external functional protection, new energy battery, integrated circuits, special protective films for the chip industry, cell phones internal and external functional protection, ultra-precision processing of films, and functional films for other special industries.


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